Our Operations Have Moved ☀️

To our many returning friends and to all our future customers who are looking for us, we want to let you know that our operations have moved to a new site. It is really not so far, just click on the link right below and we will take you to our latest offerings of the most dream-like Caribbean properties you have ever laid eyes on. We promise. You won’t be disappointed. So let us lead you to Seaside Cas Abou


About Don

After 9 years teaching in China (2 with the Peace Corps) and then volunteering with tsunami relief in Thailand I accepted a job teaching history, journalism and philosophy at the island's international school. I brought with me a love for nature and diving and ended up opening two small businesses on Curacao and building my own little house here. After traveling the world for the better part of 15 years I have found no other place that offers the access to natural beauty that Curacao has. Not having a single stopsign in the entire northern half of the island sure helps! I'm here to introduce you to my love affair with the island...tourqouise waters (at depth or at the surface), country roads, isolated sandy beaches, hikes, eats, local hydrations spots, night life...Let me know what kind of holiday you want to enjoy and I will work with you before you land to ensure the kind of R&R you deserve!